Italy is a wonderful country, rich in history and culture. That’s why it is universally called the “Bel Paese” (i.e. the beautiful country). Italy is full of marvelous monuments, museums of big artistic and historical interest, and superb Churches. Italy is also seat of the Vatican, which is an independent state, heart of the Catholic Church.

In Italy there are also mountain resorts, whose atmosphere is magical and irresistible, and natural beauties, protected by striking National Parks, scattered all over the country and its islands. Italy, as a matter of fact, is a holiday destination suitable for families and couples and young people.

The aim of this website is of making you travel round Italy, at least virtually, letting you discover the spectacular beauties it offers. We will also try to give you an introductive guide to Italy and its most known attractions and cities of art, with the purpose of making you grab, even in the short time of a  trip, the soul of this delicious country and the incomparable charm it gives off.