Courmayeur, winter holidays

Courmayeur is a very famous, wonderful and striking winter ski resort . Courmayeur  is in Val D’Aosta at the foot of Monte Bianco. As a matter of fact Courmayeur attracts a lot of tourists, most of all during winter; in particular lovers of the ski and of all winter sports. As a matter of fact in Courmayeur there also are many really well equipped ski runs.

The big quantity of tourists are really well welcomed thanks to the hotel accommodations equipped with all the comforts, that there are in this beautiful resort. It is also possible to go on exciting outings in this marvellous place, through the various existing paths, plunging into the luxuriant and unpolluted nature of the area.

Courmayeur town centre is really picturesque; you can watch at many coloured little houses, one close to the other, with their sloping roofs. Among the roofs you can see standing out the wonderful Romanesque bell tower of the Ss. Pantaleone and Valentino Church. We suggest you to come and visit this beautiful place, most of all during Christmas Holidays, when the town shines with all the Christmas decoration lights, embraced by the mountains covered with snow.

In Courmayeur there also is the cableway, which allows also to those who are not expert mountaineers, to see the tops and the magnificent glaciers of Monte Bianco. From these heights, we grant you spectacular breathtaking views  on the alpine mountain ranges and on the glaciers of the area. In other words, spending a holiday in this exclusive and luxurious resort in Val D’Aosta, you will for sure go back home relaxed and detoxified from the stress of the daily life.

In Courmayeur besides, like in all Val D’Aosta, you can eat really delicious dishes. Here you can taste excellent typical cheeses, like the Fontina,

which is also one of the main ingredients of the fondue of polenta of the Val D’Aosta. But there also are valuable delicatessen products, like a very delicate raw ham flavoured  with  herbs, and D.O.C. wines.