Popular Ways to Make Money on Instagram

There are many ways to earn money on the Instagram app. The platform has many unique qualities which make users earn money from in-app features such as badges, or use the help of brands to initiate sponsorship posts for their business. The most popular ways to earn money on the platform are explained in detail below, as well as the different requirements of your account to be eligible for the opportunities of earning money.

Having a large number of followers associated with your account is essential to earning more money on the platform, so it is very important to explore ways how to gain organic Instagram followers on your account.

An example of the ways to get organic followers quickly to your account would be to get help from a content marketing agency. Their services guarantee the maximum promotion of your activities, helping you gain authentic followers to your profile.

The following are the most popular methods for earning money on the platform.

Sponsorship earnings

If you’re an influencer having many followers associated with your account, you can run sponsored posts for brands and businesses related to your activities. The sponsored posts command a very reasonable price and are one of the most popular ways of earning money. A small influencer with around 10,000 followers can earn up to $90 for sponsored posts. This could go all the way up to around $700 for an influencer having more than a million followers for a single post.


The app also allows people to earn money on live sessions, as viewers can buy badges while the live video is going on, for actual money, which is transferred to the account holder, in exchange for the badges, as a token of appreciation and support for the content creator.

Promote business through ad campaigns

If your profile is about making sales of a product or service you offer, then you can increase the possibilities of the sales by running paid ads on your posts. Although this involves using money to run ads, they are an affordable way of engaging more people to an account and enable the company to get potential customers to become notified of their activities.

Monetize video with ads

Another easy way to earn money is by allowing ads to run on your videos, in exchange for money. This way you get paid relating to the number of views generated on the videos, and how much the ad was viewed by the users. The video should be at least 2 minutes long to support the ad features. The account holder gets 55% of the earnings made by the ads. Which can amount to a very reasonable figure if you get high views on your videos.

Sell your merch

If you have a reasonable number of following, then consider selling products that are associated with your name or account. This is an excellent way of making money, however, it requires you to have very loyal followers who are willing to buy merch supporting your name or brand.

All these methods are used by the top-rated Instagram influencers and businesses to maximize their money-making capabilities on the platform.