Sestriere: a luxury ski resort in Piedmont

Charming ski resort

Charming ski resort, near Turin (Torino) in Piedmont (Piemonte), Sestriere attracts numerous tourists every year, especially during Christmas and New Year Holidays. The big flow of tourists to this town, is also well-managed, thanks to the presence in the area of beautiful, luxury and well equipped accommodation, such as Hotels, holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, Hostels and Apartment Hotels.

New Year holiday

In Sestriere, come to spend their New Year holiday, even lovers of winter sports, like alpine skiing, snowboarding, among others. In fact, here there are very well equipped ski runs and efficient ski-lifts. Some ski runs are even equipped with lighting, so as to enable their use in the evening.

Winter Olympic games

Sestriere has also hosted the famous event of the Skiing World Cup, and even the 2006 Winter Olympic games. In this beautiful town of Piedmont, you can also make wonderful excursions, and some healthy hiking and trekking, spending detoxifying days in close contact with nature and admiring landscapes of breathtaking beauty. The town is very characteristic and suggestive, and during the holiday season it gains a fairytales charm and beauty.

Sestriere is linked to an exclusive and glamour tourism. On the other hand, the Agnelli family, was very attached to this resort. Advocate Agnelli, after the death of his son, built here a small church dedicated to Saint Edoardo, which was also the name of his son. In short, if you decide to spend a holiday in Sestriere, you will eat well, you’ll have a lot of fun and you will also relax and detoxify from the stress of everyday life.